Hi, I am Adam Stagg

Game Developer

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What I do

Game Development

Video games have always been a passion of mine, and being able to program and make my own video games is an amazing way to turn a hobby into a profession.

Graphics Programming

The concept of turning rudamentary objects into 3D objects and doing all the math related to visualizing that on a screen is extremely intruiging and enjoyable with combining math and programming.

Engine Development

Math has always been a strong suit of mine, and I love combining complex math with programming to make engines and other low-level programming applications.

My Work

Who I am

A passionate game developer

I was first introduced to video games at a young age, and I fell in love with them. Growing up with them inspired me to want to create them myself.

After developing a few smaller games in game jams, I realized how much I enjoyed programming and how much I want to always strive for learning more.

A picture of Adam.

My Work

Here is a collection of my best work

A picture of `Luddite` A picture of the level renderer A picture of `Heist` A picture of the cube.